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Welcome! I am a CPA operating a professional, full service accounting firm. My services are tailored to the needs of each client, including businesses, individuals, and trusts, among others.

I offer a free initial phone consultation to learn more about you as well as to familiarize you with the services I provide. This consultation is designed to allow both of us to evaluate whether we are a good fit to form a client-advisor relationship. Complete the consultation request form below to get started!

Practice Areas

Tax Compliance

I prepare income tax returns for all types of businesses, including corporations, partnerships, LLCs, as well as individuals, estates, and trusts.

You can be assured that your tax returns are prepared accurately and in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Planning

The best way to be confident at tax time is to have a tax plan in place. I’ll consider the many variables involved in your situation and show you the tax consequences of each scenario.

Don’t get caught off guard. Know with reasonable certainty what your taxes will look like in the future.

Entity Selection

Entity selection can be the most crucial decision a new business makes. The type of entity you select will affect every facet of your business from inception to dissolution.

I can guide you through the pros and cons of each entity type and help you decide which suits your business the best.

Audit Representation

If you’ve received a notice from a taxing authority, or if you're being audited, I can help you respond professionally and help to mitigate the impact on your business and/or personal taxes.

In any case where a professional response to a taxing authority is needed, you’ll want a CPA to be on your side.

QuickBooks Consulting

Accounting software programs like QuickBooks have simplified the bookkeeping process for small businesses. However, using these programs properly is critical to ensuring that your data is accurate.

When you need help, I can provide various levels of support, from short term troubleshooting to ongoing support.