Portal Login

Click on the SmartVault link to the left to login to your portal.

Tips for using the portal:

  • Upload files to the “Client Source Documents” folder in any given tax year. I will move files to other folders if necessary. This method allows you to not worry about uploading files in the "correct" location.

  • You can upload documents to your portal at any time (even as you receive documents throughout tax season). However, when you need me to take action (for example, when you’ve uploaded all of your tax documents and are ready for me to work on your tax returns), please let me know that you are ready for me to begin working. I don’t have any way of knowing when you’re ready for me to take action on your file unless you let me know (email works fine).

  • For security reasons, you can’t delete anything in the portal. If you accidentally upload the wrong document and want me to remove it, just rename the file you want removed “Delete” (or something similar) and I’ll delete the file.

  • If you upload password protected files (not recommended), be sure to provide the password (email works fine) so I can open the file.